Please do not feed the wildlife!

Among our various environmental practices, we STRONGLY believe in keeping the wildlife wild. We do not support feeding or baiting of wildlife. Sierpe is largely untouched by development so finding wildlife to observe is usually very easy. We want to maintain a healthy ecosystem and one of the ways we can all do that is by NOT feeding the wildlife.

There are SO many reasons NOT feed the wildlife, we will start with a few:

  • Monkeys and other animals can become aggressive if accustomed to humans feeding them. They have sharp teeth and will bite.

  • Monkeys and other wildlife have fleas, ticks, parasites and can give diseases if you come in close contact with them. And wild animals are vulnerable to human diseases. By giving them food that you have touched, you may transfer bacteria that are present on your hands and pass them diseases causing them to get sick and die! The exact opposite of what you want for them.

  • It teaches them to not be afraid of humans. It’s their instinct to be afraid of us (and for good reason, humans KILL a lot of wildlife every year).

  • Wild animals are supposed to look for food and have to travel for it daily. If they know that food is available in one place, they will stop looking for food.

  • Wild animals have specialized diets, and they can become malnourished or die if fed the wrong foods.

  • Wild animals help preserve the forest by eating its fruits and seeds. They later disseminate the seeds by depositing them in their droppings all over the forest.

  • Wild animals do not eat human food like crackers or other processed foods and it is unhealthy for them to consume foods like this. Additionally, they do not gorge themselves on fresh ripe fruit unless it is part of the hunting and gathering process so plates of perfectly ripe food left in the same place every day encourages them to become lazy and not eat the variety of foods necessary for a healthy balanced diet.

  • Human food is full of pesticides that can cause harm to wild animals.

  • Animals cannot distinguish food from wrappers or foil and can get sick eating these items.

  • It might draw them into unsafe conditions such as encouraging them to cross the road or hang out too close to the ground making them vulnerable to predators and automobile accidents.

  • It’s illegal!

If any of the hotels or tour operators feed the wildlife with any type of food including fruit,
Please let us know!!!!