Mangrove Tours

The Sierpe area is truly a secret wonderland of life waiting for you to behold!  Come spend the day with us to learn all about the ecology and biology of the mangrove forests. For those who take the time to explore our natural paradise, they are pleasantly surprised at HOW MUCH wildlife there actually is here (often times MORE than can be seen in San Pedrillo of Corcovado)!  We offer half or full day mangrove tours or night tours by boat, walking or a little of both including nature hike at private reserve. Mangrove tours are a special delight for birders! 

Half Day Mangrove Canal Tour:

The half day tour may be shared with other people and begins at 7:30 or 8am from Sierpe and lasts about 3 hours. This tour passes thru the Estero Azul canal where there is an abundance of wildlife.

Full Day Mangrove Tour:

Full day tours are private only. These guided tours include the visiting the Estero Azul canal famous for its plethora of wildlife AND passing thru numerous canals in the heart of the mangrove forest AND a visit to a boat-only accessible 'Jurassic Park-like' beach great for afternoon swimming, picnicking and hiking (if you wish) AND a loop out into the ocean to see the rock islands and a few species of pelagic birds (frigate birds, brown boobies, pelicans, etc). You can also add a stop in the morning or afternoon at a private reserve for a nature hike.  

Night Mangrove Tours:

Twilight to Dark - Mangrove Night tours begin around 4 or 5pm and last for 3-4 hours. You may choose to do it all by boat, part walking at private nature reserve or all hiking. Read more about the night tour.

More About the full day Mangrove Tour:  Tours depart from Sierpe where you will meet up with your guide and boat to begin your tour looking for wildlife and exploring the the winding network of canals in the Sierpe Terraba Mangrove Reserve and the coastal section in between the Sierpe and Guarumal river mouths. The tour will end at your desire, no later than about 4pm.  

About the Mangroves:  This delicate wetland ecosystem is a vital home, bio-corridor and migratory destination for countless species. Dripping with diverse flora and fauna each bend holds the potential for observing a plethora of animals in their natural habitat including: macaws, parrots, toucans, herons, flycatchers, kingfishers, ibis, wood storks, woodpeckers, wrens, woodcreepers, honeycreepers, cotingas, putoos, raptors, (yes the list continues!!!) swallows, hummingbirds, motmots, tanagers, plovers, sandpipers, tree boas, river turtles and otters, bats, 3 species of monkey: squirrel (titi) / howler / capuchin, anteaters, caimans and crocodiles.      

Your mangrove tour will encompass the numerous canals and the Sierpe River and a loop out into the ocean (one river mouth to another) to see the pelagic birds and rock islands. Picnic lunch can be had at any time of day. Please bring KNEE socks to wear with the rubber boots in case you stop at the guide’s private reserve. 

Read More about the International Sister Park Project between the 12 mid-western parks and reserves in the USA and all of Costa Rica's southern conservation district Osa Peninsula's 7 national parks and reserves, originally developed because of shared migratory bird species).