Exploring the Sirena ranger station located in Costa Rica's crown jewel, the Corcovado National Park is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. 

About Sirena: Sirena is Corcovado National Park's headquarters and the place to explore the abundant and often rare wildlife this region of Costa Rica has to offer.  There are several trials to be explored with your naturalist guide. On the inland trails you have the possibility to see Baird's tapir (critically endangered or absent in the rest of the country), sloths, 4 species of monkey, 2 species of sloth, coatis, snakes, lizards and tons of colorful birds and raptors. 

 Near the rivers you are likely to see American crocodiles, caimans, and several species of waterfowl including egrets, herons and others. 

What's Included?

  • Round-trip boat transportation from Sierpe (private boat, guide and captain)

  • Entrance fees

  • Bilingual certified naturalist guide

  • Homemade Picnic Lunch - choose from a menu (we can accommodate most diet requests). Lunch included for parties of 4 or more. Additional cost for groups of 2 or 3. Breakfast menu also available at additional cost $10pp

Schedule: Departs from Sierpe between 5:30 and 7am. Returns between 3 and 5pm.  We can coordinate transportation (additional cost) from Quepos / Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Uvita or Ojochal. Please inquire with us for pricing.  

Rough Itinerary:

  1. Depart Sierpe and travel 45 minutes thru the calm river and canals of the Sierpe Terraba Wetland Reserve and then out into the ocean, and then another 90 minutes to Sirena (wet beach landing).

  2. Spend the day hiking. You and the guide decide which trails to explore. Official options for lunch:

    1. In the boat (about 25 minutes after leaving Sirena the waves calm down a bit)

    2. At Playa San Josecito (nice place to swim if the water is calm, shade, tables, bring beach towel to sit) Please spend a few minutes picking up trash.

    3. At the beach just inside the Boca (good for swimming or beach walking and picking up trash :-)

  3. Depart Sirena no later than 1230 or 1pm and return to Sierpe. Optional mangrove tour on the way back if time permits.

What to Wear:  
Water Sandals! ~ You will start the morning off with by exiting the boat in the water so make sure to  wear water shoes for this (there are slippery and sharp rocks, so going barefoot or wearing flip flops is not an option) shorts or lightweight long pants. Depending on the tide, you might get a little wet when entering or exiting the boat in Sirena. (you can wear your bathing suit and change into dry hiking clothes once you get to Sirena ranger station 1 km away since walking in sand and salt soaked shorts is NO fun, they will not dry while walking)

What to Bring:
Closed-toed hiking shoes or rubber boots with knee socks so the boots don't rub your calf where they end, rain gear (poncho or jacket for the boat, umbrella for hiking - protects you from the rain and the sun and a waterproof bag for cell phones and cameras) - ALWAYS be prepared for rain, your cell phone so the guide can take pictures for you through the scope, day pack, plenty of water or water purification tablets (iodine) or a lightweight water filter or MONEY to buy water if absolutely necessary (the water from the spigot is NOT potable), sunscreen, hat, bandana, sunglasses, insect repellent, seasick medicine (take some the night before) , snacks but make sure to keep them in ziplock baggies once opened. Please always apply insect repellent away from other people (not everyone likes to inhale DEET or other chemicals).

What to Expect:

  • a VERY early start from Sierpe (we have a breakfast menu available for $10pp)

  • A 2.5-3hr boat ride (45min in the calm river, 15 minutes entering the ocean, about 2 hrs or less in the ocean paralleling the coast to Sirena

  • A wet landing on the beach (you need water sandals, not flip flops)

  • A hot and humid day (bring plenty of water) hiking mostly in filtered sunlight / shade in the jungle

  • Possibility of rain (this IS the RAINforest), Always be prepared for rain

  • Lunch possibly as late as 1pm so bring snacks if you need them

  • Professional service from start to finish (boat, captain, guides and lunches)

Welcome to Sirena Biological Station!
This is a wilderness area with rustic amenities, please take a moment to read these few guidelines and do your part to helping us make ecotourism such as this more sustainable.

A Few Important Rules:

  • Do not walk on the floor with muddy boots

  • NO smoking inside the park.

  • Please wear closed-toed shoes (hiking shoes or rubber boots), since poisonous snakes, ants, etc. can be anywhere.

  • Pack out all of your trash!! This means everything you brought with you and maybe what someone else left behind!  

Please note we are part of the  Osa Libre de Plastico  (Osa Free of (single use) plastic) initiative and we discourage the use of single use plastics such as water bottles, plastic silverware and bags!

Please note we are part of the Osa Libre de Plastico (Osa Free of (single use) plastic) initiative and we discourage the use of single use plastics such as water bottles, plastic silverware and bags!